Sexual exploitation by foreign loggers continues in Solomons


A new report has highlighted no change to the sexual exploitation of females by foreign logging workers in Solomon Islands Malaita province.

International researcher WorldFish, which published the report, looked at the impacts of logging on food security, fisheries, and community well-being.

There are incidents of foreign loggers in the camps fathering children with local women but complaints are rarely made to authorities.

In almost all cases, when the contract is up,  the loggers leave, never to be heard from again, leaving many women and girls with fatherless children.

World Fish Solomon Islands spokeswoman, Delvene Boso, says their year long research found some of these girls were just 12 years old.  

In Malaita any child who has a foreign father, is not eligible to inherit primary rights over land.

Qualitative interviews were conducted with 172 men and women in 23 villages in Are’Are, Lau,  and LangaLanga over a 12 month period from November 2016.




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