St Helens pallet warehouse employee sacked over pink elephant novelty thong


A warehouse worker landed himself the sack after he took up a dare to parade around wearing nothing but a red elephant thong on the job.

Shaun Haggerty’s friends dared him to strut his stuff wearing just the novelty elephant thong, his high-vis jacket and boots at work last month.

The 33-year-old was caught on CCTV ‘dancing the length of the yard’ in the revealing underwear as customers and business associates looked on in horror.

His colleagues found the incident so hilarious, they shared pictures of him in all his glory online, with the post quickly going viral.

But his employers, of St Helens, Merseyside, were less impressed, issuing him a formal letter to tell him he was being dismissed over a ‘lack of common decency’.

The letter read: ‘Dear Shaun, As discussed in our meeting on 8/10/18 at 06.40hours.

‘Your actions on the 27/9/18 at 11.01am where you danced the full length of the yard and back to your work area wearing only an Elephant thong, Hi Viz and boots.

‘This was in an operational area in full view of customers, visitors, business associates.

‘After reviewing the CCTV I deem your actions to be gross misconduct on the grounds of Health and Safety and common decency and not an image the company expects its employees to portray of the business.

‘Therefore, I have come to the decision to terminate your employment with [name removed]with immediate effect.

‘If you wish to appeal the decision you must put it in writing within 7 days. Thank you and good luck in the future.’

Despite losing his job, Mr Haggerty says he found the incident ‘hilarious’ and he has even managed to get a girlfriend out of it.  

He said: ‘When I received the letter, I just burst out laughing. It was so funny.

‘It was one of the lads asked me to do it for a bet. It was their idea.

‘They dared me to put on the thong so I just said ‘alright then, give it here.’ I just put the thong on. I didn’t expect to be sacked.

‘We always had a laugh and a joke there. We all have a laugh between us.

‘Everybody who I’ve told has laughed their head off – I’ve had people bowing down to me in the street because they thought it was that funny. I joked that I didn’t get the dress code.’

Mr Haggerty’s new found fame caught the attention of his new flame Gemma Leatherbow – who got in contact with him and even bought him a replacement pink ‘mankini’ after the red thong was confiscated by his ex-bosses. 

The pallet repairer claims people have been bowing to him in the street, adding: ‘Everybody was watching me doing it on the yard. About 15 lads all watching.

‘The thong was just hung up in the yard and one of the lads just brought it in to me. I’m always up for a laugh, really.

‘The bosses had caught it on video but they won’t give out the CCTV footage.

‘The manager who sacked me was new. That elephant thong had been there longer than him.

‘Being sacked didn’t really bother me – it was a really good company to work for. 

‘I’d worked there for seven and a half years. The owners are really good.

‘The new manager had only been there about two months. He obviously won’t be putting up with any of this stuff.

‘I’ve managed to get a new job since doing the same thing.’

Mr Haggerty’s former employers declined to comment.


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