Sydney truck driver proves he was wrongly targeted by Raptor 13 cop


A no-nonsense police officer who calls himself ‘Raptor 13’ has come under fire after appearing to wrongly target a quick-thinking truckie.

Senior constable Andrew Murphy pulled over Ramzy Ali in Sydney’s west and gave him a defect notice for a ‘non-compliant’ passenger seat and ticket for an expired registration label.

The anti-gang copper is known for his tough approach on crime and when asked for his name once identified himself as ‘Raptor 13’ referring to Strike Force Raptor and his badge number. 

But this time he may have met his match. 

The 30-year-old truck driver believed he was wrongly targeted and made to feel like a criminal when he hadn’t broken the law and set out to prove his innocence. 

After the altercation with the fiery anti-gang policeman, he called Volvo, the manufacturer of his vehicle.

His local garage then inspected the vehicle at 9am the following morning and confirmed the passenger seat was ‘working to Volvo specifications’.

The document, dated September 11 2018, confirms that the vehicle’s passenger seat was thoroughly checked. 

The ticket Murphy issued would have meant that Mr Ali was not allowed to drive his truck until it had been further checked by the Roads and Maritime Services, but fortunately his vehicle was inspected later the same day.

Mr Ali provided the RMS documentation to Daily Mail Australia and said that his vehicle had ‘passed with flying colours’.

‘RMS inspectors said the seat meets manufacturer guidelines as well as Australian compliance,’ he said. 

‘The chair, they said, has nothing defective about it. 

Mr Ali also said he checked the RMS website regarding registration labels for heavy vehicles, which confirmed his understanding that these were abolished as of July 1 this year. 

The truck driver said he was going to take the issue further and stressed he wants people to be aware of the Raptor 13 police officer.

‘This guy hasn’t got adequate enough training to be ticketing truck drivers,’ Mr Ali claimed.

Mr Ali works two jobs and has a wife who is currently at home on maternity leave with their newborn child.

He did not want to be pictured due to concerns that he will be targeted.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted RMS, Volvo and NSW Police for further comment.   

Murphy was filmed by Mr Ali as he passionately argued about being issued with the notices on Monday afternoon.

Footage captured the no-nonsense policeman climbing inside the front of the truck and slapping a notice on the windscreen for a ‘non-compliant’ front passenger seat.

‘That’s a defect label mate, can’t be removed by anyone else other than an authorised officer,’ Constable Murphy said.

As Murphy continued to inspect the rest of the truck, Mr Ali started to retaliate, asking: ‘Why are you going so hard? There’s nothing wrong with the truck.’

‘The trucks empty,’ he protested, before accusing the officer of ‘hustling’ him. 

Eventually, after telling the truck driver several times to be quiet, Constable Murphy lost his cool.

‘Just shut up and let me explain this to you will you – the more you talk the longer you sit here and the less time you’ve got to get home,’ he said.

‘You’ve got an hour to get this vehicle off the road and after that hour the vehicle can’t be driven – it has be cleared at the Heavy Vehicle Inspection station at Wetherill Park or one similar to that.’ 

Murphy continued to explain that as the truck driver’s front passenger seat did not meet the required ‘Australian design’ regulations, he had to go for an inspection at a facility approved by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Posted online, the video attracted a mixed reaction from social media viewers.

‘With so many accidents involving defective trucks, he’s doing what’s required, he was not giving the guy a hard time I think, and yeah they still give out rego labels for heavy vehicles, nice try though lol’, one person wrote. 

Others felt Murphy’s approach appeared too heavy-handed.

‘Who do they think they are shouting and telling people to shut up,’ another wrote. 

‘I would’ve lost my sh** at that point.’ 

The constable – who is understood to be part of an elite militarised police unit which tackles violent bikie gangs – has earned himself a reputation as one of New South Wales’ most thorough policemen. 

He has previously been seen on camera appearing to throw a motorcyclist’s licence on the ground, seemingly push away a woman, refusing to show a driver his speed radar and holding a metal pole to a man’s head. 

Footage obtained by Daily Mail Australia shows the officer finding a metal breaker bar – used to change wheel nuts – in the front of a driver’s Nissan 200SX on Boxing Day 2015.

The driver claimed Murphy then ‘demonstrated how it could be used as a weapon’ – and pictures reveal the moment he held the heavy bar to the man’s head, although nothing further took place.

Daily Mail Australia is not alleging that the police officer involved has broken any laws and the police officer is not under investigation.  

More recently, footage appeared to show him shove a motorcyclist, confront a group of men at the funeral of a slain bikie boss and allegedly place defect notices on every car inside an automotive workshop.   


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