Thai tattooist dupes tourists into having offensive phrases inked


A Thai tattooist has apparently duped tourists into having offensive and ridiculous phrases inked on their skin.

Pictures of some of the holidaymakers who have fallen victim to the tattoo artist’s cruel prank have gone viral on social media in the country.

They include a blonde woman who has had ‘po pia sot’ – ‘fresh spring rolls’ – inked on her shoulder blade, Thai Visa News reports.

Other tourists have also been left with tattoos that refer to food popular in the south east Asian country.

One man had ‘khao man gai’ – ‘chicken rice’ – tattooed on his bicep.

And another had ‘luuk chin plaa yaowarat’ – which may be a reference to a restaurant that serves fish balls.

But others have been left with even more unfortunate inkings. 

One especially offensive tattoo on a man’s forearm says ‘chan chorp hee le hee chorp chan’ which translates roughly to ‘I love c*** and c*** loves me.’ 

And another crude tattoo, inked on a man’s bicep, says ‘chan rak hee’ – ‘I love c***.’

The pictures were posted on Facebook on Wednesday by a Thai man, who added: ‘We feel sorry for you… haven’t you got a clue?’

They have been shared almost 1,000 times since and attracted hundreds of comments.

Some have blasted the tattoo artist’s cruelty, but others simply laughed at the expense of the unsuspecting tourists. 



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