The tasty meals model Saskia Jenkins prepares each day


Model and influencer Saskia Jenkins has worked with trendy online labels like Sabo Skirt, Tigermist, I Am Gia and Princess Polly. 

But even though her schedule continues to grow, and the calltimes for shoots are getting earlier, the 19-year-old always prioritises a healthy diet above all else.

The Brisbane-born beauty spoke to Husskie about the vegan and gluten-free creations she whips up each day.

With her days usually starting at 5.30am Saskia reaches for her ASN supplements and makes breakfast to go – a smoothie with spinach, unsweetened almond milk, vegan plant protein, one banana and honey.  

By definition, vegans do not eat animals or use animal products, typically for ethical or environmental reasons. 

While bees make honey themselves, which is an animal product, whether you consume it or not depends on your beliefs as a vegan.

Saskia has integrated honey into her diet – particularly honey cashews which she craves as an afternoon snack – so is okay with consuming them as part of a balanced vegan diet.

If she’s not working her breakfast is far more elaborate, with a concoction of quinoa, scrambled tofu, broccolini and hummus on the menu.

Come lunchtime Saskia reaches for more greens in the form of a salad with more tofu and beans.

She admitted to loving Mexican-style salads the likes of which can include avocado, salsa, capsicum, rice and corn. 

If she hasn’t managed to sneak in a workout before 6pm she’ll sign up to an F45 class, walk her dog and or make a visit to her personal trainer, Tomikah Jenkins.

Dinner is another wholesome variety of vegetables, this time stir fried with tofu, or she’ll reach for rice paper rolls.

After a few episodes of Netflix the stunning model heads to bed at 8.30pm, ready to repeat the same routine tomorrow.

In a previous interview with Sabo Skirt Saskia opened up about feeling bloated while on a shoot, and how she ‘just tries her best’ in the event she’s not looking her best.

And just like everyone else she occasionally lets body hangups get the best of her, admitting that her nose gives her the most cause for concern.  


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