Victoria Beckham asks for ‘one single peeled carrot’ at a juice bar in Sydney


Victoria Beckham is currently in Australia with her husband David and three of their children, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. 

But despite being on a family holiday, the fashion designer is nonetheless determined to keep up her strict diet and exercise regimen.

The 44-year-old made an off-menu request at a Sydney juice bar on Thursday afternoon, ordering a ‘single peeled carrot’ to eat.

The former Spice Girl didn’t make the request herself however and instead asked her husband to order the food while she waited in the car outside.

David and his son Romeo, 16, went inside the café to buy nutritious açaí bowls for themselves and the single carrot for Victoria.

‘David said that his wife absolutely loves the carrots in Australia – and his only request was that I peel it,’ Fresh Blend owner Katrina Magill told Mosman Collective.

‘So I cut it up into carrot sticks, popped it into a cup – and he took it out to the car where she was sitting!’

Although she didn’t get to meet Victoria, Katrina said that the Beckham boys ‘could not have been nicer’ and were ‘the most gracious and well-mannered people’.

The following day, Victoria was spotted attending an exercise class with her son Cruz, 13, at Barry’s Bootcamp in Sydney.

The classes are notoriously intense, with the Barry’s Bootcamp website claiming that just one session can burn ‘1,000 calories or more’.

Victoria cut a stylish figure as she entered the gym, sporting white sneakers, skintight leggings and a loose black sweater.

Perhaps in a bid to keep a low profile, she wore a baseball cap and kept her head down as she walked.

To keep hydrated, she clutched a bottle of sparkling mineral water in one hand, while balancing a laptop, mobile phone and headphones in the other.

Cruz looked ready for a workout in a baggy T-shirt and sporty sneakers.

Earlier this week, Victoria and her daughter Harper enjoyed a girls’ day out at a nail salon in the city, as David, Romeo and Cruz climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Beckhams are currently in Australia as David is an ambassador for the Invictus Games.


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