What occurred to OUR ABC? Taxpayer funded Community caught charging clients for applications


The taxpayer-funded national broadcaster has been caught charging Australians via iTunes for a show which is otherwise accessible for free.

The ABC show Hard Quiz is available on a pay-per-view basis on iTunes for $3.49 per 30-minute episode. 

The discovery has left some questioning why the channel would make viewers pay a second time to access something that they had already paid for once via taxes.

ABC later confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that the confusion had arisen after the latest episode, episode 15, had been mistakenly uploaded to iTunes before it aired on TV. 

The channel reiterated that ABC Television content is available to all Australians free of charge.  

Some are even questioning if it could signal the beginning of the end for a free ABC. 

The show remains free to access on ABC’s video on demand catch-up service, ABC iview. 

Some Australians took to Twitter to voice their outrage at the extra charge.

‘I don’t like the sound of this. Is this really happening?’ one person wrote, suggesting the discovery could signal the end of a free ABC service.

‘Is this a joke? Is it October Fools Day?’ another person said.

Others drew attention to the fact that the government-funded channel was supposed to serve the people of Australia, referring to it as ‘our ABC’.

‘What! Not OUR ABC surely?’ said one angry Twitter user. 

Another simply said: ‘This is outrageous #OurABC’

Others argued that charging for TV episodes via iTunes was nothing out of the ordinary.

Some pointed out that the money was being charged by the channel for those who wanted to be able to re-watch episodes after they had disappeared from iview.

An ABC spokesman told Daily Mail Australia that the confusion had arisen as episode 15 of the show had mistakenly been made available on iTunes before it had aired on TV.

The spokesperson added: ‘ABC Television content is available free of charge to all Australians, via our broadcast channels and iview, where viewers might enjoy watching episodes of Hard Quiz along with other recent programs for free.

‘At the same time, the ABC consistently looks for opportunities to extend the life and relevance of our content, repackaging it and making it available for new audiences and to deliver revenue to reinvest in content. 

‘That’s why for many years we have made ABC content available for sale as DVDs or on iTunes, and in other forms such as CDs.’




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