Young boy’s brutally honest answer to his homework


Most children find homework tedious, and sometimes the responses are more literal than the teacher intended.

And one cheeky student has put his teacher in their place after giving a brutally honest answer on his sheet.

The amused mother decided to share her son’s answer revealing how he really felt about doing homework after school.

‘Honesty in my son’s homework,’ Reddit user LucentPhoenix said with a photograph of her son’s homework.

The sheet shows a scenario, along with a list of questions for the students to fill out.

‘You see she’s getting angry, you’ve felt that feeling too. Describe a time when you’ve felt really angry,’ the question asked.

The boy responded: ‘When I found this homework in my backpack.’ The question continues: ‘What did you do?’ to which the boy replied: ‘Did it.’

Many quickly praised the young boy for his honesty.

‘Honesty and self discipline. Seems like a good answer to me,’ one said.

Another wrote: ‘Your son speaks for the inner child in all of us.’ 

And one commented: ‘He’s got a good head on his shoulders: “this sucks but it’s not going to do itself.”And bam! Does it.’

The latest homework fail comes just months after FEMAIL rounded up some of the hilarious answers on social media.

When children are learning how to read and write, it’s common for them to make honest mistakes – often with hilarious consequences.

But instead of glossing over their creative answers, thousands of amused parents have shared the entertaining ‘homework fails’ on social media.

While these youngsters will no doubt go on to bigger and better things, for now it’s straight back to class to learn what a camel’s leg should look like.


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