Perseid meteor shower to peak this weekend


The Perseid Meteor Shower should be spectacular this weekend for SW Montana with warm temperatures there is no excuse not to spend a little time staring up at the night sky to wish upon a passing meteor burning up in our atmosphere.

The weather this weekend should be favorable for viewing and with a new moon phase Saturday to very thin crescent moon Sunday, producing a very dark sky, will help us see those streaking meteorites. The only concern for viewing is wildfire smoke is likely to stay parked over Montana through next week.

The Perseid Meteor Shower will reach it’s peak between August 11-13 this year.

NASA scientists anticipate 60 to 70 meteors an hour are possible this weekend.

Why does this occur every summer? As the Earth spins around the sun it passes through the trail of space dust and debris from the comet Swit-Tuttle.

The meteors create a spectacular light show as they burn up in our atmosphere and travel around 37 miles per second so don’t blink you might miss it.

Where to look? Look to the North-NE and find the constellation Perseus and most meteorites will appear to come from the top of this constellation. Best viewing time will be after 2 am. I will not stay up that late so lets hope there are few before midnight.

Unfortunately the earth will pass through the thickest part of the dust field during the day on Friday and will not be visible but at night there will be enough debris to see the light show.


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