Plastic surgeon who did Snooki and Angelina’s breast augmentations insists they are NOT the same


Jersey Shore celebrity Angelina Pivarnick considers Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi more than just her co-star. 

In a preview for Thursday night’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Angelina declared that she and Snooki are ‘boob sisters’.

‘I have not shown you my boobs yet since we got our t**s done at the same place,’ Angelina says over dinner.

‘I just want to see how he did yours and then I want to compare them at the same time.’

Speaking to Daily Mail Online from the operating theater, celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr John Paul Tutela – who performed breast augmentations on both women – said while the procedures are the same, the results were very different, since their reasons for seeing him and the implants they chose vastly differed.

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Breast augmentations are the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the US every year.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 300,378 breast augmentations were performed in 2017, a three percent increase from 290,467 in 2016.

Figures also showed that in 2017, the average cost of breast augmentation surgery was $3,718.

But Dr Tutela told Daily Mail Online that a breast augmentation and lift – as both received costs around $15,000. 

Dr Tutela, who is based in New Jersey, said that both women came to see him for the same procedure, but for different reasons.

‘Nicole came to see me expressing her breasts had sagged after having her two children,’ he said.

‘Angelina complained about deflation of her breasts after repeated episodes of weight gain and weight loss. She also desired fuller cleavage without needing to use a push up bra.’

In an interview with Page Six, Angelina said her fluctuating weight left her feeling very insecure.

‘I wasn’t happy with my body and I knew I had to do something to make myself feel better,’ she told the gossip site.

‘I was looking at myself in the mirror with agony, and I know a lot of women out there feel the same way.’  

Despite undergoing the same surgery, the women chose different implant ‘profiles’, Dr Tutela explained. 

The profile – low, moderate, moderate plus, or high – refers to how much the implant will project from the base of the chest as well as the dimension and width.

As the name might suggest, moderate implants tend to provide the most natural result because they provides more projection that low implants but less than high implants. 

Women with a wider frame are generally recommended to go for a low profile implant to get a more natural look while women with narrower frames are recommended to get the high profile implant because they take up less space.

‘Nicole chose a moderate profile implant which has a more natural upper pole,’ Dr Tutela said, referring to how full the breast is above the nipple.  

‘Angelina chose a high profile implant which provides rounder cleavage. However, the overall implant sizes were very similar.’ 

Dr Tutela says he recommends that his patients not exercise for two weeks and refrain from heavy lifting for four weeks.

He added that many people tend to lump breast augmentations and lifts into one category despite the fact that procedures can be quite different.

‘I think that people’s perception that breast augmentations are all the same because they have a specific look in mind. However this is simply not the case,’ he said.

‘Like I always say you shouldn’t be able to see good plastic surgery, but bad plastic surgery you can see from across the room.’ 



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