Samsung has unveiled its latest jaw-dropping Micro LED displays, which can be arranged in just about any configuration to fit a given room, no matter its shape or size.

The firm held a first-look event at CES on Monday to show off the technology, which it used to build staggering displays, including a new 75-inch design and a 219-inch version of The Wall.

Samsung first introduced Micro LED last year, and has since improved the technology to allow for displays small enough to fit in the home.

Samsung’s Micro LED displays rely on millions of tiny self-emissive modules, which give off red, green, and blue light to combine for stunningly sharp colors.

The firm took The Wall up a notch this year, boosting it from the 146-inch display debuted last year to a whopping 219 inches.

‘For decades, Samsung has lead the way in next-generation display innovation,’ said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

‘Our Micro LED technology is at the forefront of the next screen revolution with intelligent, customisable displays that excel in every performance category.

‘Samsung Micro LED has no boundaries, only endless possibilities.’

Since the entire system is modular, users can customize their own display to fit the space perfectly.

This includes even irregular screen sizes, such as 9×3, 1×7 or 5×1, the firm says.

And, the picture quality remains just as crisp no matter the configuration.

Samsung says the Micro LED displays can be scaled up for a bigger resolution, and can support all types of content without sacrificing image quality.

Displays from the standard 16:9 content, to 21:9 widescreen films, to unconventional aspect ratios like 32:9, or even 1:1 will all work just as well with the modular system, according to Samsung.

And, they’re bezel free, meaning the entire display is borderless.Samsung has also added new features to Ambient Mode, which lets the TV blend in with its environment when not in use. 

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