SECRETS OF AN A-LIST BODY: This week, the best way to get shoulders like Rosamund Pike


She is, of course, one of the world’s most beautiful women. 

So it’s perhaps not surprising that British actress Rosamund Pike wowed fans when she stepped out in London, last week. 

Attending a screening of new movie A Private War, showcased toned shoulders in a white strapless gown.  

In preparation for her film Gone Girl, the mother-of-two, 39, packed in high-intensity interval sessions, jumping and running. 

She also lifted the ‘heaviest weights possible’.

So how can you replicate her physique? Here’s everything you need to know…

– The bent arm lateral raise helps to target the muscles in the shoulders.

– Holding a weight in each hand, bend your arms at 90 degrees, so the weights are in front of your body. 

– Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, raise your elbows up to shoulder height, so the weights turn and are parallel to the floor at chest level. 

– Hold this position for two seconds and lower. Repeat 12 times and do three sets.


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