Footage has emerged showing bizarre prototypes of military contraptions during a parade in Ghana. 

A robot ‘walking tank’ shaped like a pair of human legs and a giant armoured vehicle with leather seats inside were among the items on display at the event, said to have taken place in the capital, Accra.

There were also people walking in military fatigue-coloured exoskeletons, in what appeared to be a product launch by manufacturer Kantanka. 

It is unclear whether the new products have any connection to the official Ghanaian military. 

Footage from the event shows the men in exoskeletons taking cumbersome steps in their heavy gear. 

The uniforms were coloured in military khaki, with heavy-looking boots attached to a backpack, and helmets with a visor. 

A closer view of the tank shows men poking their heads out of the top of the vehicle in gunning positions. 

People are then seen climbing into the back of the armoured vehicle via a back door which folds into stairs. 

Inside the tank there are rows of leather seats against either wall with two aircraft-style chairs at the front. 

According to Graphic Online, a state-owned newspaper website, in Ghana, the launch took place in Accra on Sunday, December 30. 

The footage appeared to show large crowds milling around in marquees at the event.  

It was reportedly part of an exhibition with the theme: ‘Advancing the frontiers of science, creativity and technology through religion to transform society’. 

Members of Ghana’s parliament and the traditional ruler of the Ashanti kingdom were reported to have attended the launch.  

According to Kantanka the military exoskeletons on display were ‘manufactured locally’.  

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