Adorable little girl makes a plane full of passengers smile


This is the adorable moment a little girl leaves a flight full of passengers smiling when she gets very excited during take off.  

After a six-hour delay, most people would be in a fit of anger waiting for their plane to takeoff but not Leandra Preston’s daughter.

The cute four-year-old sat in her window seat and watched as the plane picked up speed to take to the sky. 

Suddenly, other passengers, many dismayed by the delay, were delighted that the youngster was on their flight.

The sweet little girl couldn’t contain her excitement,  as the jet launched.

Tapping at the window she said ‘it’s so, so, so beautiful’ as the plane flew over the city below, leading to more than a few ‘awwws’ from the other passengers.

‘That noise is the plane revving up to go’ Leandra tells her daughter.

With giant heart-shaped frames on her face and a green bow in her hair the little girl excitedly screams ‘Are we on the jet? What? Yee-ha!’ as crowds around her giggle in awe. 

‘This is aweome, yee-ha!’ she shouts.

‘Wee we’re going fast!’ the adorable little girl scream in delight.

‘My head feels weird. Does you heart feel weird?’ she asks her mother, who responds with a giggle. 

‘They don’t even look like cars, they look like babies, this is light world’ she exclaims, looking at the city below.

Halfway through, she excitedly asks ‘Are we on a jet? Yay! I love jets now’. 

‘Everything looks so small like little toys’. 


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