Amy Winehouse appears fresh-faced in stunning pre-fame shots from new book


New images of Amy Winehouse at the start of her glittering music career have been unveiled in a new book, Back To Amy compiled by photographer Charles Moriarty.

In the series of over 100 shots featured in the book, including previously-unseen images, the incredibly talented songstress, who passed away in 2011, appeared youthful and fresh-faced ahead of the launch of her debut album Frank in 2003.

To accompany the images, Charles spoke to Amy’s heartbroken mother Janis who discussed her late daughter, as she touched on the beloved songstress’ life-long passion for music and admitted the images were ‘nice’ as they were her ‘before’.

Amy soared to fame upon the release of Frank in 2003, as she gained both critical and commercial success with the debut as her jazz-inspired vocals won fans all over before her second album Back To Black’s introduction three years later.  

In a heartbreaking turn of fate, the London-born icon’s dazzling career was plighted by her demons after she fell into the clutches of drink and drug addiction before passing away in 2011, after being found dead in her bed due to alcohol poisoning. 

Prior to her rise to fame, Charles Moriarty captured the stunning star in a series of images, including her album artwork for Frank.

Appearing fresh-faced and stunning in the raw shots, she posed in a host of bright and bold ensembles in her typically unique style taken before she found her trademark Sixties girl group-inspired ensembles.

With a slick of pink lipstick and a Pop Art adorned denim mini skirt, Amy posed with the button unfastened on her skirt while pairing the look with a bold yellow top to pose for edgy snaps in a doorway and draped in what appeared to be a bathroom.

Prior to her iconic beehive, her raven tresses were typically styled into her loose natural curls while her slick of thick liquid eyeliner was wholly more subtle in her younger days – again before she found her later trademark look.

Another image saw Amy crouched on a sofa in a cluttered room, with her hair in rollers and a headscarf while wearing a bikini and a thick cardigan – as she gave a doe-like stare to the camera.

Her look evolved over the years and her staggering beehive, thick slick of cat-eye liquid eyeliner and various tattoos became synonymous with the star. 

Amy’s devastated mum Janis spoke to Moriarty about Amy’s relationship with music, saying: ‘She always sang. Amy had no reason. She just sang, because she loved singing, that made her happy. Both sides of her family are musical.

He probed: ‘I remember when I met Amy in New York to photograph her, she played me some demo stuff that she was working on for Frank. It was quite different to what ended up on the album.

Janis responded: ‘That was Amy. Truly, that was Amy. That was Amy in life. You never knew what you were getting, because she just changed her mind constantly.’

While Amy appeared happy and healthy in the images, as she ascended further higher on the fame ladder she discovered her demons – in drink, drugs and also eating disorders, which her brother Alex insists contributed to her death.

Alex claimed that bulimia ‘left her weaker’, and said: ‘She would have died eventually, the way she was going, but what really killed her was the bulimia.’ 

In 2011, an inquest gave a verdict of misadventure after finding that she had 416mg of alcohol per decilitre in her blood – over five times the legal drink-drive limit and enough to cause her to become comatose and depress her respiratory system.

Amy’s drug addiction is said to have stemmed from her husband Blake Fielder-Civil as he confessed he introduced the singer to harder drugs leading on from her previous penchant for smoking marijuana – but formerly ‘never harder stuff’. 

Speaking on The Jeremy Kyle Show after her death: ‘Out of maybe a six- or seven-year relationship that me and Amy had on and off, there was drug use for about four months together…

‘We used heroin together as addicts for like four months, then I went to jail. Then it got a lot worse while I was in jail and then when I came out of jail I was told that if I loved her I’d divorce her and set her free and I did… 

‘I was smoking it on foil and she said can I try some and I said … I might have put up a weak resistance – the fact is whatever I said she did end up having some…

‘I have to be really sort of conscious about what I say – I don’t want to feel like I’m shirking responsibility. The fact is what I’m saying is of course I regret it, not just because of the damage it’s caused Amy and the loss of life, but the damage to her family but also to my family and also to me.’ 


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