Today, Analogue has released a new variant of its Super Nt console in collaboration with Ghostly International. The new limited version comes in a ghostly white and is accompanied by a matching 8BitDo SN30 controller and Retro Receiver.

The Super Nt made its debut a little over a year ago and is a console that is designed to accept physical SNES and Super Famicom cartridges. The unit outputs at 1080p and has a zero-lag feature that allows players to experience games just how they felt on the original console. Not only will you get high-resolution output but you will also be able to configure the aspect ratio, access scaler options, add scan lines, and more. The console is capable of outputting 16-bit stereo digital audio at 48KHz.

While the original model comes priced at $189.99, the Ghostly variant will cost $249.99. As mentioned before, it will include the console, 8bitdo controller with Retro Receiver attachment, and two games, and . If interested, you can purchase the console in the source link below, supplies are limited to just 1,000 units.

Source: Analogue


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