Australian mothers and fathers share their hilarious ‘parenting fails’


Parenting can often be a case of trial and error.

And when things do go wrong, the results can be extraordinarily entertaining.

Despite their best intentions, embarrassed mothers and fathers around Australia have shared their hilarious ‘parenting fails’.

Taking to the Today show’s Facebook page, one mother said she was shopping alone one day when she found herself in a very awkward situation.

‘I was holding a kid’s hand at the shopping centre. Then I realised I left all four [of my children]at home with my husband,’ she said.

Another mother woke in the middle of the night to try and breastfeed her baby when she noticed something unusual.

‘I tried breastfeeding a pillow in the middle of the night and couldn’t work out why my baby was still crying… It took me a minute,’ she said.

One woman revealed how her 17-year-old was left red-faced after she dropped off a jumper to him at school, along with a surprise.

‘My son texted me to drop a jumper up to him at school… no big deal, I was home and grabbed it straight out the dryer and dropped it up to him,’ she recalled.

‘Imagine his despair when he went to put it on and a pair of my knickers fell out from inside the static had held them there. Poor kid carried my knickers in his school bag for the rest of the day.’ 

One father who forgot he hid vodka in a water bottle was called into school when his 11-year-old son was found extremely drunk.

‘I was hiding my vodka in a water bottle in the cupboard, was all fun and games until my son took it to school by accident. He was paralytic and had to be picked up from school after vomiting in class,’ he said.

One woman explained she was having lunch at a ‘fancy beer garden’ with her three-year-old daughter when an elderly couple started talking to her.

‘They asked her what her name was and she told them “Naima” and then they commented on what a beautiful name and they asked her what her middle name was,’ the mother said.

‘You could literally hear a pin drop in the room and everyone heard as she replied “for f*** sake” #motheroftheyear.’

One father decided to surprise his children with homemade milkshakes but he accidentally grabbed the wrong ingredient.

‘My husband made my kids milkshakes after school. I kept everything in glass jars at the time. He used Gravox [gravy]not chocolate. And the kids got into trouble for not drinking it,’ she said.

Another mother made a mistake by sending her son to school on a pubic holiday.

‘Twice I sent my son to school on public holidays… he waited and waited at school for the teachers and students arrival, but of course they never turned up,’ she said.

‘About two hours later he came home and said “oh mum the headmaster is going to be very grumpy tomorrow, all the kids and all the teachers wagged school today. Do you think I’ll get a merit award for being the only kid to go to school today?”‘  

Others also shared their funny stumbles in day-to-day parenting. 

‘I tried to fold the stroller down – with the kid still in it,’ one mother wrote.

Another shared: ‘Went into a shop with a naked mannequin on the floor waiting to be dressed. My son walked up to it and started sucking on its boob.’

One mother revealed: ‘Putting sunscreen on one of my identical twins twice and none on the other… One looked like a red lobster after a few hours when I realised what I had done.’

‘We were at the zoo watching a show and my daughter wanted to go and see other animals. I said “no” so she sat with the people behind us and told them she doesn’t like me anymore and wants to go home with them,’ one laughed. 

One revealed: ‘I drove my child to school and returned home. Then I heard a voice in the back seat “did you forget something mum?”. Forgot to drop her off.’

And one shared: ‘My mother sent my brother and I to school with chicken pox and when the school rang her, she said “no, they are mosquito bites”.’


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