Canine proprietor is poisoned when he tries to provide CPR to his pet Siberian husky after it ate spiked meals


A dog owner has been poisoned after giving CPR to his dog when it fell ill from eating spiked food intentionally left on the street.

Dr. Caglar Dogrul, the distraught owner of Poyraz, a 10-month-old Siberian husky, said in hospital: ‘They took my best friend from me, my only friend.’

The incident took place in the district of Efeler in Aydin Province on western Turkey’s Aegean coast. 

According to the orthopaedic doctor, he took his beloved husky for a walk around 8.30pm when Poyraz found a bag of bones on the street and started tucking in.

After a while, Dr. Dogrul noticed that his dog had started to feel unwell and suddenly keeled over about 20 minutes after eating the poisoned bones.

Watching his beloved pet struggling for life, the doctor tried to revive it with CPR, but sadly Poyraz died. 

However, its grief-stricken owner soon realised that he was poisoned too.

He told local media: ‘I started to experience heart palpitations, nausea and vomiting.’

Dr. Dogrul first went to the hospital where he works but was transferred to the Adnan Menderes University Training and Research Hospital where he received specialised treatment.

A police investigation confirmed that the bones were spiked with a lethal poison.

The exact substance will be confirmed after an autopsy on the dog, according to reports.

The investigation continues. 


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