Chief of Venezuela’s Nationwide Meeting accuses Angelina Jolie of being a CIA agent


The president of Venezuela’s National Assembly is accusing Angelina Jolie of being a CIA agent a day after the award-winning actress concluded her trip to Peru to meet with refugees who have fled the once prosperous South American nation.

‘They are agents of imperialism, the CIA, the Pentagon, all of those entities that imperialism has to act and place a tear that runs in rivers for the world to believe that … they have touched the heart of a Hollywood star,’ Diosdado Cabello said Wednesday during his weekly television program.

Cabello, a key figure under the Hugo Chavez regime and who has been at the head of the country’s parliament since 2012, offered no evidence to confirm his wild claims about Jolie throughout his program a day after she concluded her humanitarian trip.

Jolie traveled to Peru on Sunday as a special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency.

During her three days in the capital of Lima, the filmmaker and humanitarian huddled up with some of the 400,000 people that have left Venezuela and settled in Peru since 2015. 

According to United Nations figures, more than 1.9 million that over the last three years have escaped the unstable nation that has been rocked by violence, poverty and government corruption.

Cabello, whose parliament is viewed as illegitimate by many countries in the international community,  charged that Jolie was better off ‘worrying about the 43 million poor people that exist in the United States’.

The embattled politico added Jolie should instead focus ‘on the children that are being locked up in cages’, a reference to minors that have been separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border by Trump administration in observance of the widely unpopular ‘zero tolerance’ anti-immigration policy the American leader installed in April.

The Venezuelan political figure joked about the Hollywood star’s inability of pinpointing his country’s location on a map.

‘An actress who loves the people of Venezuela, so much that she loves you that you ask how many inhabitants Venezuela has and she has not the slightest idea, where is Venezuela? I guarantee you do not even know,’ Cabello said. 

The assembly leader also claimed Jolie’s visit was a simple ploy to distract attention generated by the mass migrant caravan of almost 10,000 Central Americans who have crossed into southern Mexico and are slowly trekking north towards the border in hopes of receiving asylum from Trump’s White House.

‘They think that we are still a colony because they sent a deceiving actress on the screen to try to deceive the people,’ Cabello ranted.

‘Don’t let yourselves be manipulated. Fortunately our people are aware.’ 

Jolie met with Peru’s president Martin Vazcara and with Nestor Popolizio, the Foreign Relations Minister, during her three-day venture, and visited a shelter housing refugees and made a trip to the Peru-Ecuador border to witness the daily influx of Venezuelans that have fled their homeland.


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