Deadly predators are lurking among these toy vehicles – but they’re almost impossible to spot 


Parents have been warned to check their children’s toys after deadly creatures were found lurking in toy vehicles.

A pest control business in Newcastle, north of Sydney, shared pictures of the vehicles, which are infested with dangerous predators.

At first glance the vehicles seem harmless, seeming just a little worn due to being left out in the sun and rain.

Yet close up images show redback spiders lurking in hidden places, which could be putting children in danger.

‘Please check your kids’ stuff. These pics from a job in Mayfield today,’ the Facebook post reads.

‘Please share so your friends know how to recognise their webs.’

A closer look at the toys shows the spiders hiding in the wheels and hollowed out areas that parents may fail to look.

According to the pest control company, redback spiders are sneaky and can camouflage themselves.

‘They use grass and leaf debris as camouflage, low to the ground and generally just a messy looking web,’ the post says.

Although redback Spiders aren’t the most dangerous spiders in the country, if a child is bitten, it could be potentially lethal.


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