Fallout 76 nukes system and their blast zone activities explained


Nukes are essentially world events that all players on the map will be witness to. Once a player has access to a nuke and fired it, all players will be notified of the ‘mission’ taking place, adding it to your quest log, and it showing the aggressor’s name in the upper left corner.

There is a three minute countdown until the missile lands, and a zone on the map indicating the fallout location. You have that amount of time to flee the blast zone – or possibly move closer for the aftermath.

When the nuke goes off, it should be pretty clear to see from wherever you are on the map.

Once it has been detonated, players are free to enter the blast zone. Though the geometry of the area is thought to remain the game – don’t expect structures there to disappear – a dense atmosphere of harsh weather will inhibit your view.

These blast zones are full of radiation, and it’s advised you equip a Hazmat Suit, Gas Mask or Power Armor to stop radiation and mutations (though the latter of which gives you some stat buffs).

Why would you want to explore these areas? Blast zones create tough zones of higher-difficulty enemies and monsters, with better resources to be found there.

Different areas will spawn different enemies when nuked, depending on their own native flora and fauna, so we suspect there will be good reasons to drop nukes in a variety of locales.

The Fallout 76 beta release date is almost here – so time to read up about how Fallout 76 multiplayer and PvP and Fallout 76 nukes work.

Though we have gone hands-on with the Fallout 76 beta, the specific steps on how to detonate a nuke is unknown. However, Bethesda has explained the broad strokes as such:

How rare and elusive these launch code fragments will be remains to be seen, or whether it’ll be possible to detonate them in the Fallout 76 beta. Either way – if you witness one, carefully consider whether you want to take a closer look. Though doing so give you some very lucrative rewards.


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