Fortnite on Android’s bypass of the Play Store could cost Google $50 million


After a delay that still feels way too long, Fortnite is finally coming to Android. It’s launching first through the Samsung Galaxy App store, and after that, it will be available for anyone to download directly from Epic Games, Fortnite‘s developer.

This arrangement is unusual, to say the least. Legitimate apps are almost always distributed through the Google Play Store, because that way, you know that the apps are legitimate. Downloading software packages from unverified websites is an incredibly good way to install malware; giving users one place to download apps from where the software is vetted and verified helps keep things secure.

But in return for maintaining the Play Store, Google also takes a cut of the revenue, and that’s not something that Epic Games is willing to forgo. That’s why the company is distributing Fortnite for Android through its own servers, a move that one report suggests will cost Google $50 million in revenue in the first few months alone:

Google takes the same cut of in-app purchases, 30 percent. Although Fortnite is free to download and play, in-game cosmetic items can be purchased, which is driving hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Epic Games.


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