GLOBAL GIVEAWAY: Promo codes for the best Android budgeting apps


Find yourself running out of cash at the end of the month more often than you’d like to admit? Maybe you need a budgeting app. Lucky for you, Neowin is giving out 55 promo codes for what we deemed the best budgeting apps on Android!

That’s right, this time around, there won’t just be one winner. There’ll be loads. Even better, this is a global giveaway, so it’s open to all of our readers around the world!

The apps on offer are Monefy, 1Money, and Money Lover, all of which are among the most popular choices in the personal finance section of the Play Store. Since you’ll have to choose which of the apps you want if you win, it’s best you go check out our guide on the three apps right away.

Oh, and to make sure that everyone is a winner today, we’re also giving away a code to the gadgets icon pack in Money Lover. This code has unlimited redemptions so everyone can use it. You just need to enter neowin in Money Lover’s store. You can follow this guide to see how to redeem the giveaway code.

For this giveaway, we’re using Rafflecopter to help us track the entries, and to randomly select the winners.

To enter, simply submit a comment below, telling us what you’d do if you won a million bucks. This will give you one entry in the giveaway (multiple comments will be disqualified!). If you don’t yet have a Neowin username, don’t worry – it’s free, quick, and easy to register!

You can also get extra entries to increase your chance of winning by choosing one or more of the following options:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest will run for a week and is open to all of our readers across the globe.

The winners will be selected at random shortly after the contest has closed (the countdown at the top left of the Rafflecopter module above shows how much time you have left to enter).

Since there are multiple codes and multiple winners this time around, we’ll randomly select winners and email you the code for your most preferred app. If the codes for that app have run out, we’ll send you the code for your second choice and so on.

Good luck!



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