Heartbreaking footage shows paramedics try to rescue man who fell into canal and got electrocuted


This is the dramatic moment first responders rescue an Oklahoma man who fell into a canal and was suddenly electrocuted as he grabbed onto broken wires when he tried to get out.

The horrific fall took place on Sunday after 8pm when Wesley Seeley, 23, was leaning on a light post – also called a light bollard – that toppled over, causing him to fall into the Bricktown Canal in Oklahoma City.

As he tried to pull himself out by grabbing wires hanging off of the broken bollard he was electrocuted. He died from his injuries soon afterwards.

Good Samaritan Brandon Gann, 31, didn’t know the victim but jumped into the canal to rescue Seeley, but was shocked by the wires as well and didn’t resurface from the water.

Bystanders called police for help and tried to help the men out of the water. 

‘A guy was taking a picture, his girlfriend was taking a picture of her boyfriend. And he was holding on a lamp and he fell in the river, and the lamp fell with him and he got electrocuted. He’s not conscious. He’s on the ground. And he’s not waking up,’ a 911 caller told authorities on Sunday, according to KFOR. 

‘He stopped and leaned up against one of the lighting bollards, and the bollard fell into the canal and took the man with him. And as he was trying to get out of the canal, he grabbed onto the bollard and the wires and that’s when the electrocution, from what I understood, took place,’ Kristy Yager, with the City of Oklahoma City, said.  

In the heart-pumping video footage released on Thursday, paramedics are seen running to the victims and pulling one of the water using pipe poles and performing CPR on him.

Bystanders are heard screaming and shrieking as parademics ask for a heart monitor.

Fire officials said one man was already pulled out of the canal by bystanders when they arrived.     

‘They were even getting shocked as they tried to grab the first individual and try to pull him out, so they were not able to do that. That’s how we knew we were dealing with an electrical current in this water,’ said Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department. 

The two men were in full cardiac arrest when they were rushed to nearby hospitals, according to Newsok.

Seeley, of Tuttle, died from his injuries and Gann, a personal trainer from Crawford County, Arkansas, is in a medically-induced coma at University of Oklahoma Medical Center.

According to social media, Gann had gotten married just one day before the incident took place. 

A GoFundMe page has already raised more than $6,175 for his medical expenses. 

Gann is being treated at an intensive-care unit in Oklahoma City, according to a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $4,500 for the personal trainer. 

‘Those of us who know Brandon personally are not surprised that he would place himself in harms way to help a complete stranger. That is just the kind of person he is…Any and all support we can give to help this brave young man and his new bride get through this trying time will make a big difference,’ the page says. 

City officials say that the bollard was around 20 years old and all 80 bollards along the canal were inspected afterwards to avoid another incident.

According to Fox 25, 18 bollards need to be fixed, 16 are loose and two are irreparable and have been removed following the evaluation.   

‘We just have never had an incident like this occur along the Bricktown Canal. So it’s just tragic,’ Oklahoma City spokesperson Yager said.    


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