How Malcolm Turnbull’s visit with Donald Trump forced US Secret Service to destroy command centre


A new book has revealed that Secret Service agents had to destroy a command centre after President Donald Trump met with Malcolm Turnbull.

The revelation is from a new book by renowned journalist Bob Woodward, Fear: Trump in the White House, already the number one seller on Amazon.

In the book, Woodward reveals the fallout between Trump and the former prime minister during a meeting, the Herald Sun reported. 

Woodward claims that Trump invited Turnbull into the special command centre, reserved for only the most trusted advisers and agents.  

The centre is known as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, and is specially designed for the President to address national security concerns, defence and other sensitive materials while on the road.

Inside the steel box are hardened computers, along with communication equipment used to process and then decode classified information.

It’s believed the meeting between the two world leaders took place at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany in 2017, and was regarding trade tariffs on Australian steel.

‘We do this steel that’s specialty steel – we’re the only one that produces it in the world. You’ve got to let us out. You’ve got a $40 billion trade surplus with us,’ the book claims Turnbull said during the meeting. 

Woodward outlines how Trump was receptive to the former prime minister’s urging that the United States make concessions for Australia. 

‘Of course we’ll let you out. That makes total sense. You guys are great. We’ve got a big surplus with you guys,’ Trump is reported to have replied.  

After the meeting, Secret Service agents were forced to destroy the command centre because Turnbull didn’t have official clearanace and it was viewed as being compromised.

SCIF Global Technologies specialises in creating the vault-like structures. Its website directly references keeping out unauthorised persons. 

‘SCIFs are used to deny unauthorised personnel, such as foreign intelligence services or corporate spies, the opportunity for undetected entry into facilities for the exploitation of sensitive activities,’ the website reads. 

Trump allegedly joked with Turnbull after the meeting, saying his security detail was none-too-pleased with the meeting’s location, saying they were ‘soo pissed’. 

Woodward is best known as one of the two journalists who broke the now infamous Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of then sitting United States President Richard Nixon.

Woodward and his colleague Carl Bernstein were working at the Washington Post in 1972 when they were the first to cover the story of a break in at the Democratic National Committee in Washington. 

The subsequent reports brought to light Nixon’s actions during his re-election campaign, and ultimately lead to his resignation.



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