Jailbird’s heartbreak as bride stands him up for courthouse wedding


A man scheduled to start trial next month for allegedly kidnapping a Wheaton College student was sadly stood up at his own wedding at an Illinois courthouse.

Jeremy M. Jones, 25, was granted permission to wed his unnamed bride by Judge John Kinsella in his courtroom Tuesday, but his lover was a no-show.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Jones waited patiently for his bride in a room in the courthouse early this morning.

The wedding was supposed to take place at 9am.

Court was adjourned after there was no sign of the bride after nearly an hour and a half. 

Jones and two other men were charged in the August 2016 kidnapping and robbery of a Wheaton College student.

The men allegedly kidnapped a male student and threw him into one of their vehicles. The trio then drove him to ATMS where they forced the student to withdraw $1,500 in cash.

The victim gave the men his money and was later freed in Chicago.

Although Jones’ wedding was a flop, his lawyer, Glenn Jazwiec, told the Tribune he is hopeful Jones will be acquitted at his trial come October 16.

‘I will personally tie the cans onto the back of his car,’ Jazwiec said.

Jones is currently being held at the DuPage County Jail in Wheaton on $3.5 million bond.


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