Jodie Whittaker’s home town spelled ‘Hoodezfield’ on US talk show


Jodie Whittaker’s home town of Huddersfield was renamed on an American talk show thanks to the ‘valiant’ efforts of a staffer in the captions department.

The Doctor Who star, 36, who was making her first appearance on Late Show with Stephen Colbert while promoting the new series, was asked by the host where in Britain she is from. 

As she announced she was ‘from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire’, the subtitles popped up as ‘Hoodezfield’ – a gaffe that was quickly picked up by eagle-eyed viewers.

A picture of the moment has gone viral on Twitter, with many joking about the American interpretation of Jodie’s Northern accent.

‘They spelt huddersfield how yorkshire people pronounce huddersfield I WISH I COULD BREATHE,’ shared one person with several laughing emojis.

The Twitter user who shared the image said: ‘A valiant attempt from an American subtitler.’ 

‘The Z is a nice touch; bold, but nice,’ added another.

‘They never get the apostrophe for the silent H right,’ joked a third.

Others began using the screengrab as part of a meme: ‘When I’m drunk and ppl in the smoking area ask where I’m from.’

A student shared the image, to highlight the differences in accents in the UK, with the caption: ‘My first day of uni. Flatmate: where are you all from? Person 1: Islington Person 2: Richmond Person 3: Cambridge.’

Jodie, who donned a pair of sparkling American flag printed stiletto heels, spoke about how her Yorkshire accent affects her acting as she often gets asked to ‘tone it down’.

‘I get asked and I’m like “no I can’t”,’ she laughed as the talk show host said he ‘loved the Yorkshire accent’.

She arrived ahead of the taping in a checked jumpsuit, making sure to stop outside to sign autographs for waiting fans.

Jodie is the first female Doctor to star in the sci-fi series with her former Broadchurch boss Chris Chibnall at the helm.   


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