Man accused of stealing veteran’s GoFundMe is arrested on new charges


The man who has been accused of draining every cent of homeless Good Samaritan veteran Johnny Bobbitt, Jr.’s $400,000 GoFundMe has been arrested on unrelated charges.

Mark D’Amico, 39, of New Jersey was taken into custody on Monday at his residence at 9.20pm for outstanding warrants, Florence Township Police confirmed in a Facebook post, published on Tuesday.

‘Mr. D’Amico was processed for the warrants and was transported to Burlington County Jail,’ the post read. 


D’Amico became part of a viral sensation when Johnny Bobbitt Jr, 34, was shown on camera spending his last $20 to buy gas for Katelyn McClure, D’Amico’s girlfriend, after she became stranded on a highway in Philadelphia.

In the wake of the video, D’Amico and 28-year-old receptionist McClure set up the GoFundMe page for Bobbitt, which has since become embroiled in controversy.

No further details were revealed regarding the charges related to D’Amico’s arrest. 

Meanwhile, Bobbitt, who is originally from North Carolina but had been sleeping rough under the I-95 bridge in north Philadelphia, has gone to rehab to deal with his drug addiction, DailyMailTV can disclose.

He has entered a 30-day residential rehab program. His lawyer, Christopher Fallon Jr, told DailyMailTV on Saturday: ‘It is my understanding that our client entered a recovery program yesterday.’ 

The move offers some hope for the man who saw a glimpse at a better life, before it was allegedly stolen out from under his feet by D’Amico and McClure. 

Although they had originally set out to raise $10,0000, some 14,000 people were so touched by Bobbitt’s kindness that they donated $400,000 to help him start a new life.

The money was supposed to be spent on a home and a truck for Bobbitt, as well as a trust and retirement fund. Bobbitt believes he received about $75,000, including the value of the camper van and truck that the couple bought him but registered in their names.

The couple have shared photos on social media of themselves taking a helicopter ride and a trip to Disney during luxury vacations to Las Vegas and LA. They also posted pictures of shopping sprees and front-row seats at a Broadway show.

They insisted that they had done nothing wrong and had not spent a single dollar on themselves.

D’Amico did admit to spending $500 from the fundraising campaign at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia, though he insists he paid it all back with his winnings.

A complete accounting of where the money has gone is expected after a forensic accountant went through the couple’s finances.

Bobbitt’s civil case against the couple has been put on hold until December while an investigation into potential criminal proceedings related to the raised money plays out, DailyMailTV learned.

In the civil suit, Bobbitt says they used the account as a ‘personal piggy bank’ to ‘fund a lifestyle they could not otherwise afford’.

During a recent appearance on the Megyn Kelly Today show, D’Amico said there was well over $150,000 left of the donations.

But Bobbitt’s attorney said earlier this week that he was told all the money is gone.

Burlington County prosecutor Scott Coffina confirmed in a statement that a criminal investigation was taking place into the couple.

No charges have been filed at this time against the couple related to the GoFundMe investigation. 

D’Amico has said the couple believed Bobbitt shouldn’t get the money until he was clean and would spend it responsibly, while the couple have shared photos on social media of themselves taking a helicopter ride and a trip to Disney during luxury vacations to Las Vegas and LA.

He told The Philadelphia Inquirer earlier this month: ‘Giving him all that money, it’s never going to happen. I’ll burn it in front of him.’  

In a joint statement issued last Thursday, GoFundMe and the law firm representing Bobbitt said he will get an amount equal to the balance he didn’t receive through the fundraiser.

GoFundMe said it gave $20,000 to an account set up by his attorney to help him during the investigation. The company is also taking steps to allow donors who contributed to the campaign to get their money back.

Company policy states that donors have until 30 days of making their contribution to submit claims asking for a refund. But since the campaign took place 10 months ago, GoFundMe is waiving this aspect of its policy to allow donors to Bobbitt to submit claims. 


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