Pokmon Go Gen 4 Pokmon list, estimated release date: Every creature from Diamond and Pearl’s Sinnoh region listed


Though Niantic has yet to reveal exactly when Gen 4 will arrive – the announcement alongside a host of game changes said they will be arriving in the coming weeks – we imagine it’ll follow Gen 3’s example of being rolled out in waves, with a handful of creatures to start with.

So when will it begin? Our best guess of an estimated Pokmon Go Gen 4 release date is around when Mewtwo has disappeared from raids. This takes place on Tuesday, October 23rd.

There’s a strong chance Niantic will introduce a Halloween event around this time. The first Gen 3 types were Ghost Types during last year’s Halloween event and we wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar – especially with seven Ghost creatures in Gen 4, two of which (Dusknoir, Froslass) are evolutions of previously released Pokmon and one Legendary, Giratina (which, some say, is teased at the end of this Gen 4 announcement video.)

Would be a great way of starting Gen 4, right?

Gen 4 follows some of the same traits as previous generations. There are three Grass, Fire and Water starters – all with two evolutions each – and the standard array of common birds and bugs alongside a fleet of powerful Legendaries.

There are, however, a number of interesting statistics that set it apart from previous generations:

As mentioned, there are plenty of Pokmon from Gen 4 that are evolutions from previous generatioms.

The benefit of this is two fold. One, it means some already powerful creatures – such as Rhydon and Piloswine – will get even stronger evolutions when Gen 4 arrives.

Two, knowing what’s coming means we can prepare for their arrival now. We recommend hanging on to a previous Pokmon in the evolution chain, and having plenty of Candy stored up, so when they arrive you can get them immediately.

Though Gen 4’s release might be staggered in waves, in theory once a particular evolution is available, all we have to do is jump into our Pokmon Box and evolve it.

Those Pokmon are as follows:

Gen 1:

Gen 2:

Gen 3:

October sees a Psychic event and the usual updates to Field Research quests, Shiny and Spinda forms, alongside new Deoxys EX Raids and word of new Hex Nut Pokemon Meltan.

We’ve also recently seen the arrival of Mewtwo in regular raids, and for a limited time, region exclusives in 7km Eggs.

Looking to the future, there’s the next Community Day and the eventual arrival of Pokmon Go Gen 4 Pokmon. Can’t be long now, right?

As with the first three generations, most evolutions should require Candy, though we suspect new Special Items matching those used in the main game, or even other mechanics – such as Trading – for others might be required. We’ll know for sure when they release.


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