Putin’s ‘dumb Bonds’ hacking squad unmasked


, 41, is an officer in Russia’s GRU and believed to be one of its top hackers – but also responsible for most extraordinary blunder of The Hague mission.

It appears that Morenets inadvertently outed more than 300 other agents working for the GRU in Moscow.

Investigators have found he travelled on a diplomatic passport using his real names and date of birth.

News agency Bellingcat, who revealed the true identities of the Salisbury assassins, say he is registered as living at the GRU’s Military Academy in Moscow.

Morenets’ Lada is also registered at GRU’s cyber warfare department down the road – and investigators say by searching other vehicles registered to the same address they have identified 305 other members of the 26165 unit accused of hacking targets all over world.

To add to Mr Putin’s embarrassment the leaked list includes his spies’ names, dates of birth and mobile phone numbers – unmasking and effectively dismantling his most elite cyber attack unit.

The online expert also uses the online nicknames Lexa and Alexey, according to the FBI, and even  uploaded a picture of his face to the website mylove.ru using a photograph taken in the Russian capital.

When he wasn’t targeting anti- doping agencies and helping spread fake news in a bid to level allegations of substance abuse at western athletes, the 41-year-old appeared to be seeking women aged 21 to 30 in Moscow.

It was also possible to geolocate the profile to within 650 feet of the GRU headquarters. 

And the profile picture appears to have been taken close to the intelligence base. The famous Panasonic building is clearly in shot, indicating it was taken on Komsomolsky Prospekt. 

, 37, also known as Zhenya, is believed to be hiding in Moscow.

The cyber expert used an email with the name Casey Ryback, a character played by Steven Seagal in the film Under Siege, which tells the story of terrorists attacking an American ship.

His laptop was packed with details about previous misisons and even contained selfies from the 2016 Olympics in Brazil where Russian athletes’ doping samples were tampered with and US athletes’ medical records leaked.

His computer also had the Spiez laboratory in its search history and train tickets to Bern where a wanted to hack more chemical weapons inspectors. 

He was travelling under his real name and date of birth – and in another fatal error was registered as living at the GRU’s Moscow headquarters.

, 30, is described by the FBI as a ‘senior lieutenant’ in Unit 26165.

Born in a small rural town near the picturesque Valdai National Park in the north west of Russia, he went on to become a member of the GRU’s hacking unit.

Documents released yesterday state he used the names ‘djangomagicdev’ and ‘realblatr’ online as part of the hacking conspiracy.

The FBI want him over the hack on the 2016 US presidential election, with the indictment stating he stole and released documents ‘to interfere with the election’.

He is also charged over a wider group of offences, related to hacks on the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) and the US anti-doping agency.

32, was born in the grim, industrial Chelyabinsk region of eastern Russia.

US authorities say he was involved in one the first hacks attributed to Unit 26165, reconnaissance of Westinghouse Electric Company’s (WEC) in Pennsylvania, a company involved in the supply of power to the Ukraine.

FBI documents state he used the names Kate S. Milton, James McMorgans and Karen W. Millen online.

Yermakov was also involved in ‘spearphishing’ attacks on WADA in 2016, and activities at the Rio Olympics.

, 27, is the youngest of the seven men named by the US yesterday as being part of the hacking group.

He was previously named among 12 agents who allegingly hacked into American computers to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

He was born in Kursk, close to Russia’s border with Ukraine, a city which is forever associated with the Soviet Union’s tank battle victory over the Nazis in the Second World War.

He has previously been described as an ‘Assistant Head of Department’ in the GRU hacking squad.

The latest FBI poster states he is wanted over ‘computer intrusions of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and other victim entities during the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics and afterward’.

Hackers’ minder and GRU spy , 46, appears to have been in The Hague to protect two hackers trying to break in the OPCW’s WiFi.

Bearded Minin is one of the oldest in the group and could be the man who stamped on his phone after being arrested in Holland in April

The FBI appear to know little about him including where he was born, his date of birth or if he has any aliases.

But it is believed he is an intelligence officer who accompanies and protects GRU hackers on their worldwide trips.

He is wanted for conspiracy to commit computer fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering, the US State Department said yesterday.

The FBI wanted poster also says he should be considered ‘armed and dangerous’ and he is believed to be in Russia. 

, 46, appears to be a Russian agent in Holland to protect the GRU’s cyber experts.

The FBI said he is wanted for money laundering offences in the US and may have been involved in criminal activities since 2014.

Like his comrade Minin, little is known about him, including his real name because Sotnikov is believed to be his alias.

He posed for a photograph found on  Serebriakov’s laptop outside a Dutch station when they bought tickets for their next mission in Bern.

But the team never made it to Switzerland after they were arrested in the Marriott in The Hague and deported from Holland.

Sotnikov is considered armed and dangerous and believed to be in Russia. 

, 55, is the oldest Russian linked to the hacking network and is thought to order operations from Moscow.

He was born in the small city of Obninsk, not far from Moscow in 1962, when Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was in power.

Pictures show the well-decorated officer dripping in medals, suggesting he has enjoyed and long and successful military career. He is likely to have been in the GRU at the same time as double agent Sergei Skripal.

The FBI say Osadchuk ‘held the rank of Colonel and was the commanding officer of Unit 74455’, the sister unit of the 26165 unit caught in The Hague.

His wanted poster adds: ‘Osadchuk was last known to be located in Moscow, Russia’.

He is wanted over the US election hacking.


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