It’s pretty rare when the film leading all nominees at the Academy Awards is a genre movie, but that happened this year. Guillermo del Toro’s beautiful movie, The Shape of Water, got 13 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and it’s cause for celebration.

Thankfully, Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles, CA currently has a del Toro-inspired art exhibit up called “In the Name of the Monster, the Robot, and the Bleeding Ghost,” curated by Chogrin. It features art that pays homage to all of del Toro’s films, but we decided to pull just Shape of Water pieces for you to enjoy. And there are some stunning ones. Here are 13 of them, one for each Oscar nomination.

By Anthony Vukovejik

By Dave Pryor

By Micheline Pitt

By Augie Pagan

By Natalie Hall

By E.M. Gist

By Frank Forte

By Gary Deocampo

By Nathan Anderson

By Alina Chau

By Dienzo

By Kelly McKernan

The show is still on display through this week and you can get more information at this link. If you want to see the full show (and you totally should), or maybe even buy one of these gorgeous works, click on this link. [Gallery Nucleus]

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