Samsung’s second Android Go telephone is the Galaxy J4 Core


Samsung’s first Android Go smartphone was a rather unexciting device aside from the fact that it ran on the lightweight version of Google’s OS. Nonetheless, the company is back for seconds with the new Galaxy J4 Core, another device with very moderate specs that caters to the low-end of the market. Though there hasn’t been an official announcement, information about the upcoming phone has shown up on Samsung’s website with a full list of specs.

The J4 Core does improve upon its predecessor, the J2 Core, in a number of ways. It features a more modern 18.5:9 aspect ration for the display, which has also been bumped up to an HD+ resolution, and it adds support for microSD cards. Here’s what you can expect:

The page doesn’t specify which chipset is being used for the device, but the Exynos 7570 that powered the J2 Core also ran at 1.4GHz, so it might be the same we’re seeing here. Samsung has also chosen to forgo Android 9 Pie for this phone, despite the improvements introduced by that release.

Without an official announcement, there are also no details regarding pricing and availability, though it should definitely be on the cheaper side. We’ll have to wait for Samsung to share more information about the phone.

Source: Samsung via Android Police



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