Soho Airbnb listing offered #vanlife experience where guests could sleep in van for just $69 a night


An Airbnb host was hoping to tackle the ridiculous Manhattan real estate market by offering up their van in Soho for just $69. 

The Airbnb listing – that has since been removed – let visitors say they stayed in Soho while not having the most ideal high end experience. 

‘Soho Vintage custom van with cozy sofa-bed and lots of natural light,’ the listing said, according to Digg. ‘Perfect for international travelers, backpackers and the #vanlife experience.’ 

The listing claimed to offer a great location and affordable place ‘in the best NY neighborhood.’ Guests were even given pillows and blankets. 

The van was listed as an ‘entire apartment’ but guests had to use bathrooms nearby and use a free guest pass in order to go to a nearby gym and use their showers.  

And there was a caveat: ‘Van is for sleeping only, no driving, and is not parked at listed address. Van’s Soho address will be provided.’

The Airbnb listing prided itself on allowing the chance to ‘experience New York economically’ and admits that the accommodations weren’t for the squeamish.

‘Van-life is for those who embrace adventure and have no problem roughing it, to have a new and memorable experience,’ the listing asserted. 

‘Like camping, the elements can be a factor. Be prepared for street-parking atmosphere, and to use restrooms that can be found nearby. 

‘Ideal guests approach van-life with an open mind, a sense of humor, and a fun attitude. Last minute bookings are welcome!’

Before the listing was removed, it had secured four-and-a-half stars from guests. 

‘The van was parked in a spectacular location,’ someone stated in their review of the vehicle. 


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