Tear-jerking moment Maltese puppy is rescued from a flooded home


This is the emotional moment a Maltese puppy abandoned inside a North Carolina home is dramatically rescued from Florence floodwaters.

The precious pup, named Soshe, managed to survive the aftermath of the hurricane by its lonesome for almost two weeks.

The dog was found by a rescue team from the Humane Society of Missouri floating on a couch when they arrived to the Burgaw home. 

Soshe’s owner phoned Pender County Animal Control to inform them the puppy had been left behind. The animal shelter then informed the rescue team.

‘Coming out! Coming out!,’ HSMO disaster team member, Chad Gard, said in the bittersweet video, as he carried Soshe out.

Gard and his teammate, Jessica Crampton, were the two members who assisted the brave Maltese.

Crampton first found Soshe on the couch, stuck in floodwaters between six to seven feet, before she carried the dog over to Gard.

Gard told CBS about the rescue: ‘Every morning, we received our missions for the day and we were given what possible rescues are out there that we need to go check on.

‘Jessica saw the dog sitting on top of the couch that was sitting in the living room. We got the door open far enough so Jessica could get inside.’

They said Soshe was just one of several they have saved from floodwaters in North Carolina and around the country.

‘We feel very privileged we’re giving the opportunity to help out, whether it be our state or another state.’

The pair said it was a ‘good day’ overall, despite having boat troubles.

‘Anything that could’ve went wrong did… and in the end, it was a fantastic day… we all felt really good,’ Gard added.

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