The moment a man performing the Kiki challenge is slapped to the ground by a passer-by


This is the shocking moment a brazen pedestrian slaps a man to the ground for doing the ‘Kiki challenge’. 

The man wearing a flat cap seemed annoyed that the other man was attempting the dangerous challenge. 

The passer-by screamed, in an American accent, ‘No! No! No!’ at the camera holder after felling the man dancing to rap-starDrake’s hit ‘In My Feelings’ .

The Kiki craze has been heavily condemned by road safety charities and authorities as thousands of impressionable youngsters have copied celebrities by jumping out of a moving vehicles and dancing in the road.

Some people online have questioned the legitimacy of this incident while others heaped praise on the passer-by for condemning the ‘stupid’ challenge. 

Smilin76 said: ‘I would buy that guy a beer’ while SonnyL added: ‘A tip of the hat big guy!!!’

Another user said: ‘Pretty sure it’s fake but that slap was real.’ 

‘Jumping out of a moving car to perform dance moves in the middle of a road is foolish and dangerous, not only to the individual but all other road users,’ a spokesman for road safety charity Brake spokesman told The Sun Online.

‘The road is a high-risk environment and no place for crazes like this and so we urge everyone to be safe and responsible and not risk trying this dangerous move before it ends in tragedy.’

Andy Burrows, NSPCC Associate Head of Online Safety, added: ‘It’s common for children to want to join in with the latest trends they see online and to want to imitate celebrities.

‘But taking part in this challenge involves being helped by an adult or teenage driver to drive alongside and film.

‘Given the clear risks involved, we’d urge parents and young drivers not to encourage this trend by agreeing to help a child to do the Kiki Challenge.’



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