, the spiritual successor from earlier this year, received its first piece of DLC today, titled Bigfoot, coming with various winter-themed additions. The DLC introduces players to the brand new Pointy Mountains region in Two Point County, where the local Abominable Snowman, Bartholomew F. Yeti, is “petitioning for better healthcare.”

Players will get to manage three new hospitals as part of the DLC – Underlook Hotel, Swelbard, and Roquefort Castle. Each of these locations will have their own unique challenges to overcome, such as not having enough staff applicants and bad press.

34 new illnesses exclusive to the Pointy Mountains region are also included, with gems like Aurora Snorealis, Bard Flu, and Mechanical Metropolism. New treatment rooms for these ailments as well as decoration items to spice up hospitals with winter themes also come with the DLC.

The : Bigfoot DLC is out now and comes in at $8.99 on Steam, but thanks to a 10% launch discount, the pack can be picked up for $8.09 until December 12. Alongside the DLC also came a free update to the base game, adding a new policy screen and other changes, and its changelog can be found here.