Video of a naked man taking a shower in a New Zealand car wash goes viral on Facebook


A driver has gotten more than he bargained for after finding a naked man at his local car wash.

Footage shot from inside the car shows a man wearing absolutely nothing hugging the front of his car as it’s getting washed. 

Filmed in Rotorua on New Zealand’s North Island, the video has been viewed more than 444,000 time since it was uploaded to Facebook on Friday.

The cheeky footage was captured by a local, who’s husband spotted the man’s backside as they were passing by.

‘We were actually at the lights, and my hubby spotted the naked butt, so we did the quick swerve so I could record it,’ Malo Harris told the NZ Herald.

Ms Harris didn’t expect the footage to go viral when she uploaded it to Facebook under the caption: ‘Don’t do drugs, kids. Only in Rotorua.’

In the video, the man in the car wash can be heard yelping as he is scrubbed by the rotating brushes.

Ms Harris and her husband cruise past the car wash, with Ms Harris saying: ‘What are you up to bro, you’re on crack.’

After the video went viral, she wondered whether the man was acting on a dare.

People took to the comments of the video to try and work out his thought process.

‘Didn’t want to use the shower bruz?’ one user asked.

‘That would f**king hurt I reckon,’ said another.

According to Harris, comments from those involved in the video admit it was a dare. 


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