Washington man donates his kidney to his wife of 30 years


They say love knows no bounds, and for one Washington couple married for 30 years that couldn’t be more true.

When Lesley Kennedy, of Seattle, became sick with polycystic kidney disease, a genetic disease that causes her kidneys to fail, she feared for her life. 

Earlier this year she was placed on dialysis and her doctors warned her that she needed a transplant in order to survive. 

That’s when her husband Steve stepped in and donated one of his kidneys to her on July 19, and after the life-changing surgery, the two closer and stronger than ever.

‘Lesley and I got through our kidney transplant surgery at Virginia Mason hospital in Seattle. My donated kidney appears to be doing pretty well in its new home inside Lesley. But it may be a bumpy ride for a while,’ Steve said in a Facebook post showing the two kissing in their hospital gowns following surgery. 

‘Also consider organ donation. It is truly an amazing gift to be able to donate. Especially to your spouse,’ he urged in his post. 

‘We were a team before, now we’re really a team,’ the couple said to Fox.  

‘Well it’s not easy asking somebody for a kidney,’ Lesley said on the difficult search for a donor. 

Her friend and sister offered their kidneys to Lesley, but they unfortunately weren’t matches for her.

When her husband Steve suggested his organ, to the family’s joy it was a perfect match. 

‘It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,’ Steve said.  

Speaking on how she feels post surgery, Lesley joked: ‘I’ve been sleeping next to this kidney for 30 years, it knows me. So I’m hoping it stays with me for a good long time.’

‘It’s the way maybe it should have been all along. It’s a love story,’ she added.

The two are now mending at home from their procedures and for them the future is full of opportunities. 

Steve says his next bucket list goal is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with their son. 

The two will celebrate their wedding anniversary this October. 



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