6-foot lizard captured after months on the free in Florida


A massive Asian water monitor lizard has been captured by wildlife officers after months on the loose in a Florida neighborhood.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said officers captured the 6-foot-long lizard after it escaped from a woman’s home in August and was repeatedly spotted in a neighbor family’s yard.

Zack Lieberman, whose family sought help after spotting the invasive lizard in their back yard in late August, said the capture was a relief.

“Everybody is relieved. Once I posted to the Next Door app that this thing had been caught, everybody let out an exhale, a sigh of relief that they can enjoy Treetops Park and the ridge on Nob Hill still,” Lieberman told WPLG-TV.

The FWC said Asian water monitors are legal to be kept as pets in the state, but it was unclear whether the lizard would be returned to its previous owner.

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