Asia Bibli flown to safe location in Pakistan, didn’t depart the nation


The Christian woman who was accused of blasphemy and narrowly avoided the death penalty in Pakistan has been flown a secure hiding place within the country.

Earlier reports that the mother of five, Asia Bibli, had left the country were not true, the Pakistan government said.

“She is in Pakistan,” Foreign Office spokesman Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said. “She is in a safe location in Pakistan. There is no truth in reports that Asia Bibli has left the country. Media should confirm such reports.”

Bibli’s troubles date back to 2009 when she was working in a field with Muslim women who say she committed blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. She was sentenced to death in 2010 despite supporters who say the accusers had a grudge against her.

On Oct. 31, her conviction was overturned, sparking riots and protests by religious groups who wanted her executed. The Pakistani government made a deal that Bibli would have a travel ban placed on her.

Faisal denied that there was a travel ban on Bibli.

“Asia Bibli is not a free citizens and can go where she pleases after the [Supreme Court] verdict,” Faisal said. “There is not ban on the movement of a free citizen.”

The British Pakistani Christian Association said Bibli and her family “all still face a real and present danger of being killed.”

“If you told me two years ago that Asia Bibli would one day be set free, I would have told you it was not humanely possible.”

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