Barclays mobile banking app goes down as bank faces third outage in a fortnight


Customers faced problems logging into the Barclays mobile banking app for three hours today – for the third time in just 15 days.

Some people were experiencing slow responses as they tried to log in this morning, with those affected reporting problems from about 8am until 11am. 

It comes after customers of Barclays, TSB and HSBC were furious at being locked out of their accounts last Friday on what was payday for many in Britain. 

Banks continue to face problems upgrading their IT systems with the intention of improving security, as they move from ‘legacy’ systems to newer software.

IT glitches are causing regular chaos, with online customers of RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank also being locked out for five hours a fortnight ago – again, on a Friday.

The high street giants, who are part of the same banking group, were forced to apologise for the systems failure that locked out millions of customers.

That came one day after some Barclays customers were again left struggling to log in to their accounts when the bank’s online, mobile and telephone systems crashed. 

Today also happens to be the deadline, set in July by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority, for British lenders to explain how they can avoid damaging IT breakdowns and respond to the growing threat of cyber attacks. 

The banking problems also follow TSB’s huge IT meltdown earlier this year, after a botched IT switch saw millions of customers locked out of accounts.  

A Barclays spokesman said at about 11.30am today: ‘We apologise to the small number of customers that experienced delays logging into their Barclays Mobile Banking app this morning. 

‘The issue has now been resolved and customers can login as normal.’

Earlier, a post on the Barclays status update page said: ‘We’re sorry if you’re having trouble logging in to our Mobile Banking app – we’re working to fix this.’

It comes ahead of a planned maintenance outage on Barclays online banking and international payments from 11.45pm next Monday until 6am on Tuesday. 

Andrew Buller from Consumer Intelligence said last Friday: ‘The introduction of Open Banking, increase in fintech (financial technology) players and the demand in mobile applications has left the major banks possibly ‘rushing’ to catch-up.

‘In doing so they may not have the most stringent testing environments in place to handle the consumer’s demands.

‘With antiquated systems often sitting behind new and emerging digital services, the need for more robust testing, particular live proofing has never been more relevant’. 


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