Class A medication ought to comply with hashish and develop into LEGAL – knowledgeable claims


ECSTASY and magic mushrooms should follow cannabis in becoming legalised for medical use, according to a former government health tsar.

David Nutt called for legal magic mushrooms and ecstasy

CLASS A: David Nutt called for legal magic mushrooms and ecstasy (Pic: GETTY)

Medicinal cannabis became legal for the first time in the UK this week under prescription.

This has been welcome use for many Brits who use the oil for many ailments.

A major UK pharmacy is even beginning to stock cannabid products on their shelves.

However, anyone caught with cannabis without a prescription still faces prosecution, as cannabis possession remains a crime.

Former government drug tsar David Nutt has called the move to legalise medicinal cannabis as a stepping stone to the drug becoming completely legal in the UK.

He also hopes the move could pave the way for more drugs to become legalised for medicinal use.

He exclusively told Daily Star Online: “Both Psilocybin [magic mushrooms]and MDMA [ecstasy]have great medical potential.

Prof Nutt also hit out at the government for failing to legalise cannabis treatments earlier.

He told us: “It’s a proven medicine so denying it to UK patients is reprehensible.

“It should have been done years ago.

“There are dozens of disorders we know cannabis can help.

“The German Health Authorities approve 57 distinct indications.”

Despite Prof’s Nutt urging for more cannabis and other drugs to be used in medicine, other experts remain unsure.

Practice & Policy Lead at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Aileen Bryson, warned of serious side effects using medicinal cannabis.

When asked if medicinal cannabis could lead to all forms becoming leglalised, she said: “There are no plans for this and the Government is very clear on the specific criteria under which prescribing can take place.”

She also stated she could not see “any way” other drugs could be legalised in the future.


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