Demi Harris ‘stabbed her naked partner to death after hot tub row’


An angry girlfriend stabbed her partner to death after accusing him of getting naked in a hot tub with other women, a court heard.

Christopher Pearson took his boxer shorts off in the tub at the party in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire in February, a jury were told.

A female party-goer was also in her underwear and another woman was sat on the edge of the hot tub when Mr Peason’s girlfriend, Demi Harris, shouted from a window, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Harris, 21, then came outside to confront her boyfriend but fell into the tub fully clothed and flew into a rage, prosecutors say.

She poured chemicals into the tub, cut the power to the party and stabbed Mr Pearson when he came inside, the court heard.

Prosecutor Michael Auty QC told the murder trial jury that Harris felt ’embarrassed, even humiliated’ by Mr Pearson’s actions. He had gone into the hot tub in his boxer shorts but later took them off.

Harris shouted ‘don’t you dare’ and ‘are you actually getting naked whilst other girls are there?’, the court heard.

After coming outside and falling into the tub, she said ‘watch this’ and ran into the house, returning with a four-pint bottle of cleaning solvent and pouring it in, the jury were told.

She then went into the house and flicked the master switch on the fuse box, cutting the power to the hot tub and the music.

As the guests left the house, Harris was heard saying ‘What have I done? What have I done?’

Mr Pearson was then found lying on the landing, mumbling ‘what’s happened’, the court heard.

Harris was allegedly heard saying ‘I’ve gone too far this time’.

She told witnesses: ‘I’ve stabbed him, but I had to, I had to’, the court heard. She added ‘I had to because he attacked me’.

She left the scene but was arrested on the way to her mother’s house.

Mr Pearson was taken to hospital and treated for two wounds to his stomach.

He needed three blood transfusions and the injuries he suffered were surgically repaired but he did not survive the operation.

A pathologist gave the cause of death as a stab wound.

Harris, 21, told police that when her partner followed her back into the house, he threatened he was going to kill her.

She also said that she ran upstairs, pursued by Mr Pearson and he caught hold of her by her ankle at the top of the stairs.

She said he violently pushed her through the open door to their bedroom where she fell against the bedside cabinet.

She had picked up the knife and managed to walk part-way past Mr Pearson.

She said: ‘I just wanted to get past him and if that meant him grabbing me and me jabbing him with it, just a jab, not a stab, not a puncher; just a quick prick, so it shocks him to move out of the way, so I’ve got enough

time to get down the stairs’.

Harris denies murder. The trial continues.


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