Frequent 50p coin on sale for £3,300 – and you have most likely had one


A COMMON 50p coin is on sale for a massive £3,300 on eBay – and you’ve probably had one.

COMMON: A 50p coin is on sale for a massive £3,300 on eBay (Pic: GETTY/ROYAL MINT)

The Dictionary coin was minted as part of the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of Samuel Johnson’s book “A Dictionary of the English Language” – considered as among the most influential dictionaries in the history of the English language.

Although the 2005 produced coin is relatively common, it has just been put up for sale for an unbelievable £3,300.

The reverse of the coin displays the word 50 in the style of a traditional dictionary entry.

The Mirror reported a Northampton-based eBay user listed the coin under the site’s Buy it Now option, and there are seven people watching it at the moment.

The description states: “Circulating commemorative 50p coin. Only a limited number produced.”

But according to the coin experts at Change Checker, the coin isn’t actually that rare and it’s listed as “common” in its guide.

The Royal Mint made 17,649,000 of the special 50p coins, compared to 22.7million featuring the Royal Arms back in 2008.

The website states: “Samuel Johnson’s dictionary published in 1755 is among the most influential pieces of scholarship in the history of the English language.

“It was used by famous authors such as Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and Oscar Wilde.

“It took eight years to compile and listed 40,000 words. This 50p was issued in 2005 to mark the 250th anniversary of its publication.”

The rarest 50p in circulation at the moment is the Kew Gardens coin, which was released in 2011 to mark the 250th anniversary of the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Only 210,000 were ever produced and they now sell for huge amounts online.


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