Fuel tanker explosion kills ‘at least 60’ and injures more than 100


DOZENS of people have been killed and about 100 people have suffered serious burns after a fuel tanker crashed into a vehicle in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



CHARRED: At least 60 people have died in a fuel tanker explosion in Congo

The accident happened in the village of Mbuta, about 80 miles from the capital Kinshasa.

The crash follows another incident in 2010 when a fuel tanker overturned and exploded, leaving at least 230 people dead.

Roads in the country are poor due to years of war.

A local official told a radio news station people ran to collect fuel when the tanker flipped and were killed when it ignited.

One witness at the disaster site said they had counted “53 charred bodies”, while seven others with grievous burn injuries died at the Saint-Luc hospital in the city of Kisantu.

“We have about 50 dead and a 100 people have suffered second degree burns,” said Atou Matabuana, the area’s interim governor.

According to reports, the flames “spread rapidly engulfing nearby houses”.

Most of the injured suffered “second-degree burn injuries” and two mobile clinics were transporting the wounded.


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