Gogglebox stars slam TOWIE’s Pete Wicks over pig death: ‘He’s a d*****d’


GOGGLEBOX stars were not impressed by Pete Wicks on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls.

Gogglebox stars reacted to TOWIE’s Pete Wicks crying at a dead pig on tonight’s show.

The families sat down to watch Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, and this week’s episode saw Pete try and convince his campmates not to kill a wild boar.

In a desperate attempt to get the line-up to stick with their pescetarian diets, the reality hunk even named the bovine Colin.

However, Colin didn’t survive and ended up dead just a few moments later and the cast decided to bury the pig at sea.

The majority of the Gogglebox stars were in stitches over the scenes, with some demanding the celebs “bury Pete instead.”

Giles Wood joked: “He’s done what any self-respecting pig would when you’re surrounded by complete dolts, which is to kill himself.”

Another added: “Please stay [Pete], because we’re having pork chops for tea.”

Tom Malone wasn’t having any of it either.

“Bury Pete and eat Colin, f****** hell”

Tom Malone

He snapped: Bury Pete and eat Colin, f****** hell. All the fish will eat Colin, and he’ll catch the fish. He’ll eat Colin anyway because he’ll be eating the fist that ate Colin. Oh he’s a d*****d this fella.”

Stephen Webb even suggested: “They should all just kill Pete Wicks instead.”

Gogglebox viewers were in stitches over the scene and raced to Twitter to comment.

One person wrote: “Watching Pete the vegan or whatever he is from TOWIE accidentally kill the pig and then cry… best TV ever.”

Others aired their support for Pete.

“Watching Gogglebox and I think it’s vile how everyone is making fun of Pete Wicks for not wanting to KILL A PIG! I am 100% with you Pete, well done and thank you,” said one.

“Sorry, but I agree with Pete regarding the pig. This is for a TV show therefore no animals should be killed for entertainment purposes,” agreed another.

Gogglebox continues next Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.


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