James Arthur fan hurled himself at singer for selfie as X Issue star ate dinner


X FACTOR winner James Arthur has opened up about the pressures of fame – admitting he still hasn’t fully got used to it.

The X Factor chart-topper – who has just released the music video for his new single Empty Space, starring Harry Potter actor Tom Felton – won Simon Cowell’s TV talent contest in 2012 before bagging the number one spot with his debut single Impossible.

Since then, James has had a rocky relationship with life in the spotlight, with the singer openly admitting he would smoke 15 spiffs in a row and pop anti-depressants during his lowest moments.

However, despite being dropped by SYCO in 2014 and appearing to be in self-destruct mode, the northern lad managed to turn his life around and resigned to the label in 2016.

His comeback album titled Back From The Edge topped the charts and spawned a string of hits, including Say You Won’t Let Go and Can I Be Him.

Though despite the remarkable return to form, James, 30, insists being famous can leave him exhausted.

Chatting to Daily Star Online, James explained how sometimes fans will beg him for selfies even if he’s out having a meal.

James said: “I was in Centre Parks which is the mecca of holiday-goers.

“It was an uncomfortable experience”

James Arthur

“I was literally putting food in my mouth and a guy comes over, puts both elbows on the table and asked for a picture.

“I never turn people away for selfies or pictures but when you’re eating or you’re with your family, I think it is bad manners.

“It was an uncomfortable experience but I want to let people know that they can approach me but have a bit of respect.”

However, rather than moan about the negatives James admits he is lucky to be in the situation he is in.

He continued: “If people are respectful and nice then it is fine.

“At the end of the day, it is what I signed up for… I went on a reality TV show, but it can be draining sometimes.

“You meet a lot of people you want to give the same heartfelt honest moment to but you just can’t. No human being could do that.”

James Arthur Empty Space is out now


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