Katherine Webb reveals off her rising child bump, reveals she has gained 40LBS


Katherine Webb has celebrated her eighth month of pregnancy by sharing a candid snapshot of her baby bump, revealing that she has gained 40lbs so far. 

The 29-year-old former Miss Alabama took to Instagram on Thursday to post a picture of herself showing off her growing stomach while her two-year-old son Tripp, is taking a bath behind her.

‘Trying to get a good belly shot with my little photo-bomber in the tub,’ she captioned the image. ‘8 months today tho! I’ve gained 40lbs so far, much more than my first at this point and I still have a ways to go.’ 

The model gained 44lbs during her first pregnancy, and she admitted that she isn’t sure why she seems to be putting on more weight this time around.  

‘I don’t feel like I eat a lot more than normal, so it’s strange as to where it’s coming from but I’m embracing my black leggings every day fo sho,’ she wrote.

In the snapshot, Katherine is posing with one hand supporting her back and the other cupping her stomach.

She has a destroyed denim jacket on over a form-fitting black tank and black leggings. Her long highlighted hair is pulled up in a messy bun at the top of her head.

While she is smiling for the camera, her little boy is peeking out from the bathtub behind her. 

A few days before giving her 281,000 Instagram followers an update on her pregnancy, Katherine posted a sweet photo of Trip at a pumpkin patch.

In the candid post, the expectant mom admitted that she has taken to wearing her NFL star husband AJ McCarron’s sweats when she is at home.

‘I haven’t posted bc I’ve been a complete couch bum rocking AJs sweats, since that’s the only thing that fits these days,’ she wrote. 

‘But we made it to the pumpkin patch and for once got a great pic of Tripp! Had to wear his favorite dinosaur and hot wheels tee for the occasion of course.’

Earlier this month, Katherine seemed to be feeling a bit nostalgic about the early stages of her pregnancy when she posted a throwback snapshot of herself modeling a sultry red swimsuit with a plunging neckline held together with strings.  

Katherine, who is due in December, wrote: ’20 pounds and 4 months ago with the little bean in my belly.’ 

The soon-to-be mother-of-two posted a similar snapshot in June, nearly two months before she announced her pregnancy on Instagram.  

‘I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom,’ she captioned the full-length image, which was taken when she was about three months pregnant. 

In the photo, she is wearing the same swimsuit, kimono-style jacket, and thick headband she is modeling in the picture she posted on Wednesday. 

Baby bumps start to show anywhere between 12 and 16 weeks, but commenters didn’t seem to have any idea that the model was pregnant at the time. 

After Katherine revealed in August that she was five months along, someone returned to the post to comment on her slender figure.

‘Please tell me how you were 3ish months pregnant and looked like this [?]’ the woman asked. 

Katherine and her husband, AJ, are expecting their second child, a baby boy, around Christmas time, and the mom has been documenting her pregnancy on social media. 

Last month, she proudly showed off her growing baby bump in a black bra and leggings as she compared the size of her stomach now to how it looked during her first pregnancy.

Katherine posted side-by-side photos of her baby bump in 2016 and in 2018, revealing she is about seven months pregnant in both pictures.

She couldn’t help but joke that Tripp is the reason why her baby bump is slightly bigger this time around.

‘Tripp stretched me out and made more room for this one! Both around 7months preggo,’ she captioned the images, which were both taken in her bathroom. 

Although the selfies were taken two years apart, they are nearly identical. Both snapshots show Katherine posing with her hand resting on the top of her stomach while wearing a bralette and black leggings.

In the most recent photo, Katherine’s highlighted brown locks are slightly shorter while her baby bump is a bit bigger and sitting lower.

The picture has received more than 16,000 likes since it was posted on September 22, with many moms admitting that they wished they looked that good when they were seven months pregnant.

It has been a hectic time for Katherine, who moved to upstate New York earlier this year after her husband signed with the Buffalo Bills.

However, their time in Buffalo was short-lived; AJ was traded to the Oakland Raiders last month, and she and her son have been traveling back and forth to California to visit him. 


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