Kerry Katona sends out desperate plea over missing cousin


KERRY Katona is asking for all her followers to help her find her cousin.

The 38-year-old took to Instagram to share her concern for her missing cousin.

She asked her followers for all hands on deck to look for her young cousin after a family member took to Facebook to share the original post.

After reposting the original picture, she wrote: “Morning everyone, this is my cousin Chloe.

“She’s gone missing, please share and help find her!”

“Chloe Cummings has been missing since around 3am from Hulme”


Fans flew in to share the news and send their well-wishes after the original post begged for people to share too.

Alongside a picture of her cousin, the original poster wrote: “PLEASE SHARE. Chloe Cummings has been missing since around 3am from Hulme.

“She was last seen walking towards town on Curry mile at 5am. If anyone sees her please contact me immediately, friends and family are very worried.

“She’s most likely wearing blue jeans and a white puffer coat.”

The post was first written yesterday afternoon, and concern has grown the longer she has been missing.

It was only three hours ago that a family member confirmed on the original post that she’s still missing.

Kerry also tweeted out the post sharing the news of her cousin, and she soon had fans sharing the news in hope to help find her.

Sharing their support, fans responded to Kerry to retweet the plea and send their love.

One user wrote: “Praying for her safe return Kerry, keep us posted.”

While another added: “Hope she’s found soon.”

A third user wrote: “Hope she’s found and safe hun. Shared.”

Chloe’s family have been updating worried friends and family on the post, adding that the police are making progress in looking for her.


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