Killer who claimed victim died in ‘rough sex’ is jailed for at least 29 years


A killer with a long list of convictions for attacking women was on licence from prison when he murdered a mother-of-two and tried to blame her death on ‘rough sex’.

Richard Bailey had previously been jailed for punching his partner, grabbing another victim by the throat and punching a woman as she lay on the floor.

But he was free to walk the streets on the night he murdered Charlotte Teeling after being released early from another jail term he was given for burglary and theft.

There were shouts of ‘beast’ and ‘scum’ from the public gallery as the 41-year-old was finally jailed today and ordered to serve at least 29 years behind bars. 

It can be reported for the first time that he had 171 previous convictions committed over a 27-year period. 

Despite his horrific crimes, his mother shouted ‘I love you’ and blew a kiss as he was led down to start his life sentence. 

In a row in the public gallery, his mother screamed at his victim’s family: ‘He is my son, I gave birth to him.’

Bailey was jailed for common assault in 2000 after punching his then partner through a cushion to avoid leaving bruises.

In 2002, Bailey was given a 54-month sentence for robbery, and was again jailed in 2006 for affray and common assault after grabbing a woman around the throat during an argument over drugs.

Later, in 2006, Bailey was given a 42-month sentence in Coventry after being classed as a ‘dangerous’ offender for punching a woman who had already been knocked to the floor.

A court also jailed Bailey in August 2016 for two years and eight months for burglary and theft, but was released early and was on licence at the time of Charlotte Teeling’s murder.

Miss Teeling met Bailey shortly after leaving a Birmingham nightclub at around 5am on February 23.

Chilling CCTV showed her being led to her death after the pair got chatting in a convenience shop. 

The last time she was seen alive was entering Bailey’s home. She was found dead a week later. Bailey had been living in the flat while she lay dead in his bedroom.

He had scattered pornography around her body in a desperate bid to add weight to his claims she had died during sex. 

The prosecution told how she had suffered injuries to her neck and mouth as well as a bone fracture near the base of her tongue.

Bailey, 41, showed no emotion as he was jailed for life at Birmingham Crown Court today.

Passing sentence, Judge Patrick Thomas QC ruled that the killing was a murder involving ‘sadistic’ conduct.

Speaking after his sentencing, Jason Corden-Bowen, from the CPS, said: ‘Through a chance meeting in Birmingham, within a few hours of meeting Charlotte Teeling, Richard Bailey had taken her back to his flat and killed her.

‘His claims of sexual fantasy and panic were pure fiction. Once he realised what he had done he did not call the emergency services.

‘He instead slept on a mattress in the same room as Charlotte’s body before abandoning her in his flat and stealing her debit card.

‘The jury saw through his account and have today convicted him of Ms Teeling’s murder.

‘We recognise the impact of this loss and these proceedings on the family and friends of Charlotte Teeling and our thoughts are today with them.’



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